About Us


This is Much Nicer

You like nice things, and we do too. Our products are designed in New England and carefully crafted to make your life much nicer. We couldn’t enjoy what we do if we weren’t committed to do it in a beautiful and sustainable way. The majority of the base materials we use are natural, certified organic or recycled. Our printing process is almost water-free and all our printing materials have sustainable certifications. The majority of our collections are unisex, reducing the environmental impact of the binary/gendered production model that dominates the industry. Never mass-produced.


As the climate crisis escalates, it becomes our responsibility to assess how our brand can reduce its impact at every step

Made On Demand
We avoid mass production and make every item to order. Items are manufactured immediately after an order is placed and they ship soon after (Products ship 24h after the order is placed, except for sneakers, which take 2-3 days to be ready to ship)
Careful Design
Our celebration of artistry and commitment to slow design ensures the long life of our products, which hopefully equals less landfill waste
When it comes to customer transparency, we are open and honest about all of our policies and procedures
Local Production
The majority of our pieces are exclusively produced at a European facility. This means we keep our carbon footprint low by using minimal shipping
Eco-conscious Process
Our manufacturing and printing process is almost water-free. Our inks are eco-friendly. Also there is no gas, coal, or oil used in the production process
Sustainable materials
We use a range of natural and organic products, including some items composed of recycled and FSC certified materials. We source from the EU whenever possible
Waste Solutions
We don’t send any waste to landfill. Our fabric scraps are free to our local customers for textile/craft purposes


We hope you love our products as much as we love making them.